Best Wines to Bring to Peking Duck House

Best Wines to Bring to Peking Duck House

Before recommending Peking Duck House, we’d ask you two questions. First, do you like Peking duck? If you answer no, we’d remind you that the version here is juicy, crispy, and carved tableside, before saying that this Chinatown staple has a long menu with lots of great dishes to choose from. Second, we’d ask if you appreciate a good BYOB situation in Manhattan. If you answer no to this one, then, well, you have some serious explaining to do. More likely, though, is that you answer yes to both, in which case Peking Duck House is a no-brainer any night of the week. So get a group together, and bring a few of the wines we’ve laid out below.

What To Bring When…

Top 5 Wines with Chinese Food

Domaine de la Taille Aux Loups, 'Clos du Hochet' Montlouis-sur-Loire 2019

Keller, 'Von der Fells' Riesling Trocken 2020

Skerk, Orange Vitovska 2018

Chartogne-Taillet, 'Les Couarres' Extra Brut 2016

Domaine de l'Iserand, 'Lou Taïssou' Saint-Joseph 2019

5 Special bottles 

Marquis d'Angerville, 'Clos des Ducs' Premier Cru Volnay 2002

Domaine Jean-Louis Chave, Hermitage 1994

Krug 1988

Clos Rougeard, 'Brèzè' Saumur Blanc 2015

Coche-Dury, 'Corton-Charlemagne' Grand Cru 2000

Other scenarios you may find yourself in need of wine advice:

You Want The Perfect Pairing With Peking Duck.

Pierre Gonon, 'Les Iles Feray' VdP 2018

Peking Duck is all about the intersection of sweet, spicy, and gamey flavors. Northern Rhône syrah is too, especially when made in a more tang, natural style like Gonon’s.

You’re Going With A Group & Want To Bring A Magnum

Pierre Péters, 'Cuvée Réserve' Blanc de Blancs NV Magnum

There’s no more optimistic beginning to a night out than a magnum of Champagne. Pierre Péters style has some cut, which help clean your palate between mouthfuls of eclectically textured rich food.

You Want An Affordable Crowd-Pleasing White Wine.

Mortellito, 'Calaiancu' Grillo 2020

Sicily is the kind of place where they put raisins and sardines in their pasta at the same time. It’s a culture built upon sweet and savory flavors and their wines make sense in that context.

You Want An Affordable Crowd-Pleasing Red Wine.

Sylvain Martel, 'Bessay' Juliénas 2019

Beaujolais like this has Hoisin vibes. It will work.

You Love Natural Wine / You Want Something Off The Beaten Path.

L'imparfait, 'Macération' Orange Canada 2019

Duck a l’Orange is a French classic; Peking Duck and orange wine is the new classic. This one has bright, pickle-y flavors that will play nice with gamy glazed meat.

You Want A Wine That Pairs With Spicy Food.

Emrich-Schönleber, 'Niederberg' Dry Riesling 2019

This is dry Riesling, but it has enough sweetness to cool your palate off when you hit the Chili Sauce too hard.

You Want An Affordable Crowd-Pleasing Red Wine.

Jean Foillard, 'Côte du Py' Morgon 2019

Cru Beaujolais like this has Hoisin vibes. It will work.

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