Clos du Marquis, Saint-Julien 1993


In the year 1855, a small man by the name of Napoleon decided that the wineries of Bordeaux needed to be ranked. There were no objective measures, purely just a ranking based on reputation and the prices they were trading at. The good news: some of the wineries were deserving. The bad news: there's only been one update since 1855.

Clos du Marquis is one of the wineries most feel should be ranked. It's a label made by the same owners of Léoville-Las Cases, it's situated on a great piece of land, and year over year it gets high rankings. Until France gets around to the fact that it's ok to change every so often, this wine will always be a great deal.

*Opening old wine can be tricky. Many corks are fragile, and if you’re not careful, can break. Just because a cork crumbles doesn't mean the wine’s off. If you're new to buying old wine or curious about the condition, just reach out. 

Please note: we aren’t able to take returns of any corked or damaged bottles.

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Clos du Marquis