Martissima, Collio Rosso 2019


Marta Venica literally grew up alongside the vines of her family’s winery, Venica & Venica. For all intents and purposes, the Venicas are the first family of Friuil, having been making wine in the cool hills of the Collio since the 1920’s. Marta’s Collio Rosso is made from a blend of native Friulian grapes and falls somewhere between peppery northern Rhône syrah and juicy Beajolais in style. Though the red wines of Friuli have a reputation for being inky and dark, Marta’s wine is elegant, lively, and bright, with enough weight to still comfort in cooler months

Tastes like: Blackberries, White Pepper, Clove

How to drink: In Friuli, you’d probably drink this along with a big plate of sausages and some polenta. At home cheesy pasta, roasted pumpkin, or pepperoni pizza will do.

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Marta Venica