Wine From Another Galaxy


Choosing a bottle of wine, whether out to dinner or at home, is never easy (unless for you it is, in which case… good on you. You’ll still like this book.) Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew, of London’s beloved Noble Rot, wrote Wine From Another Galaxy to make understanding and enjoying wine uncomplicated and exciting. 

This book digs into wine: how it is made, where to buy it, what to look for when you drink it, and elusive wine words like maceration and terroir. It’s conversational, but filled with insight and knowledge.

With a series of profiles on the people and places behind Keeling and Andrew’s favorite bottles, including natural wine pioneer Josko Gravner and regions such as Tenerife, this book takes you on a tour of European wine culture while also arming you with the tools you need to talk about wine, know what you like, and truly enjoy it — without pretension.

If you know what you like already, you’ll love reading about wine’s storied history. If you know very little, this will help you learn. And whoever you are — this book will make you laugh.

Sound good?

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