Podere Le Boncie, Rosso di Toscana 'Le Trame' 2019


We tend to talk about this wine the way grandparents like to remind you that a bottle of Coca-Cola used to cost a nickel: something we used to enjoy everyday care-free that will still find ways to justify buying whenever possible, albeit with some wistfulness, because we can't really imagine summer without it. 

Podere le Boncie makes a style of sangiovese, the grape of Brunello and Chianti, that’s ‘Burgundy-like.’ In short, that means it’s light in body and has flavors like wild strawberry and fresh roses instead of chocolate and prunes. Wines like this are the ones you want to have as your house wine in the summer– a get-out-of-jail-free bottle when dinner’s on the grill and you can’t decide whether you want something full-bodied or refreshing.  Make that a reality while you still can.

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Podere Le Boncie