Algueira, Mencía Ribeira Sacra 2017


For a long time, Spanish wine was in a crisis. It had a bit of a good run for making big, Bordeaux like wines and lost some of its personal identity along the way. These days, we’d argue some of the most exciting wines are coming out of Spain. In particular, some of the most exciting ready to drink, easy to chug, light and delicious wines.

The red grape of Spain to look for is Mencia. Mencia is a grape mostly found in the north western part of the country. That area is cold and very green. This area’s focus was mostly white wine until a few quality minded producers started to bring back a style of Mencia which is peppery, tangy, and fruity - a perfect combination for it to be a bit chilled. This wine is aged in stainless steel so it is incredibly fresh. It’s not a wine meant for aging but rather a wine meant to consume fast and mindlessly.

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Red Wine
Ribeira Sacra