Thibaud Boudignon, Anjou Blanc 2019

Thibaud Boudignon is one of those wines we get a small amount of only once a year. It’s an insider’s pick, found only at the hardest to get into restaurants, and largely consumed by those in the wine industry. It’s also one of those wines that is usually described as having lots of “minerality,” “high acidity,” and even by one as having “a tight core of saline terroir enveloped within ripe medium-bodied fruit.” We aren’t even really sure what that means. So, here’s what’s up with Boudignon, why it’s delicious, and why we think it’s going to cost a lot more one day. 

Chenin blanc is a grape that, when made in a dry style, is most similar to great Chablis and White Burgundy. It does have a lot of acidity which is the crisp and tart sensation you get when drinking wines. Acidity is a thing we all like. Simply put– it’s thirst-quenching. Boudignon is a focused winemaker, meaning he only makes a small amount of wine from this grape. He’s good at it too, and thanks to people like us and that sommelier who is talking about its ‘tight core of saline,’ the word is out that this wine is serious.


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Wine Type
White Wine
Chenin Blanc
Loire Valley
T. Boudignon