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Conti Costanti, Brunello di Montalcino 2013

Brunello is a word that’s become synonymous with the rich, juicy wines you’re likely to find at a red sauce joint. But that’s just not what it’s meant to be. Brunello is made from the same grape you’ll find in Chianti: sangiovese. Old-style sangiovese is a medium-bodied, herbaceous, refreshing wine—the type you can drink during the day or with a giant bowl of pasta, of course. Conti Costanti is one of the remaining old-style producers of Brunello—and is one of our favorites in Tuscany.

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Here's what you should know about it:
  • Costanti has been family-owned for six generations.
  • 2013 is a great vintage for the old-school and more subtle style of Brunello.
  • This wine is neither oaky nor fruity. Rather, it’s earthy and tangy.
  • If you see it on a restaurant list, they know what’s up.
Things we actually said...

“It feels like it just moved around in my mouth… 94 points.”

“Absolutely delicious. Balanced with soft fruits and floral. Decanted but readily drinkable within 30 minutes of first tasting.”

“One of the, if not the, finest BdMs I have ever enjoyed.”

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