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Pierre Bitouzet, 'Corton Maréchaudes' Grand Cru 1992

Vintages are a bit like fads. Many come on strong but fade away fast, like face tattoos. A few defy the odds and outlive their moment beyond all expectations, like Polaroids and bucket hats. 1992 Red Burgundy is just like that.

It was a vintage that the critics panned upon release and marketed very much as a “drink now or hold your peace.” Well, they were wrong.  The wines weren’t forwardly expressive and fruity, but in the decades since have evolved into a fresh, floral and almost tea-like in flavor: in short, everything that is unique to Red Burgundy.

The good thing about “drink now” vintages like 1992 is that most passed them up back in the day, allowing us to offer a delicious and aged Grand Cru Red Burgundy for prices like this.

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Here's what you should know about it:
  • Corton Maréchaudes is the vineyard.
  • 1992 is also a great year for White Burgundy.
  • Pierre Bitouzet made his best wine in this era.
Things we actually said...

“Aged Red Burgundy is something most of us don’t get to try that often, and that’s a shame. The ‘off-vintages’ are often a good place to start– they were taken for granted upon release but sometimes have more to say in the end than flashier vintages that got all the awards up-front. The moral: not all great wines are great from the get-go.”

— Danny Roosevelt, Parcelle Wine
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